Friday, February 11, 2011

Some new layouts

First off, what do you think this says about my impending luck???

Yep, it's a crushed piece of fortune cookie, with no fortune, in a sealed package.

Can't even buy luck with Chinese food! I think the fortune cookie gods are trying to tell me something.

Well, more reason to stay inside and get crafty. It's dangerous out in the real world for a girl with no luck :)

Here are a few layouts using felt die-cut shapes from Fancy Pants Designs (A side note, follow this link for their newest releases from CHA, I love their line, it's the little things. See if you like it, too!)

I like to hand stitch on felt to keep it from looking flat. A few simple stitches really makes it look like more than the cheap sheets of felt you buy at garage sales.

A quick layout about Gracie's first haircut. See the little envelope at the top, tucked behind the photo? I have a little snip of Gracie's hair tucked away in there.

Sorry, the green turned a little garrish in this photo.

And some older pictures of Gracie's first time swimming, at 6 months old, that I just got around to (at 16 months old...).

If you ever want to see more detail in a photo, simply click on it, it will pop up larger.

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