Monday, February 28, 2011

Paper Flower Tutorial

I saw these flowers here while surfing around online and thought of my friend, Jacqueline who's making decorations for a little girl's nursery.

These were made for a wedding reception decoration using sheet music because the groom is a musician, and I thought it looked fantastic.

I tried to make some at home, just because.

One thing I would suggest that I didn't have is a punch or template to make the petals more uniform. I just freehanded these and you can tell.

First, I hand cut 7 leaf shapes out of white cardstock. You can use more or less, depending on the look you like.

Next (bare with me) I dipped them into my cold tea. Bizarre, yes, but I was going for a tea-stained look and it was in front of me, and I don't like cold tea....

Anyway, it didn't give it any colour, but it made the paper easier to work with and helped the ink spread.

Next, I dabbed some ink on a new makeup sponge and pounced it on the petals, front and back. I used the brown allover and the pink around the edges to give it an antique rose colour. Start with a little colour and add more as you go, until you have the look you want.

Do the pouncing over a napkin or protective mat so you don't ink your dining room table..... that doesn't go over well.

Let it dry a little, then pinch one end of each petal together, and place two-sided tape on the outside of the pinched end. Glue the petals together.

Pretty easy, but it's a neat look. I might make some smaller flowers for a layout using this method.


Jacqueline said...

You make me laugh K! I love your personal insights included with the tutorial. Maybe I can convince the boy to cut out a hundred leaves on the cricut and spend the night gluing them together to make a mobile for over the change table? Or lower the expectations and just finish the frame that started this all in the first place. Hope your day is going well! Thanks again for yesterday...I really enjoyed myself.

Mcat said...

neat idea! If I didn't hate dusting so much I'd want a wall full of them!