Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Onion Skin Album

Just thought I'd share an album I made about a month ago. It's a cute little album that keeps folding out to reveal new layers (I believe that's why it's called an onion skin album).

This album consists of three envelopes (with side and bottom flaps), each opening to reveal the next, and a small accordian album tucked inside.

It holds a ton of photos (I'd recommend printing a set of 2x3" photos) and is a fun way to showcase your memories.

The only problem? Every time you see someone look through it, you'll want to rearrange the layers so that it's closed properly. Unless you're not OCD like me, that is :)

These pictures are special to me, because they're some of the last photos I have of my Grandpa. It's a nice memory to keep separate, because it reminds me of a fun day in the park with family.

If you'd like to learn how to make an onion skin, feel free to send me an email otherwise, there is a helpful tutorial on Scrapbook and Cards Today's blog.

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