Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Day in the Life

These were actually taken over a few days, but they create a pretty good picture of what our days are like.

Gracie and I have breakfast, talk to my mom on the phone, and then start in on chores.

Gracie is getting good at laundry:

She likes it, I swear!

While folding, we always have lots of time for sock elephants....

Then, we have lunch and Gracie has a nap while I finish up on chores or check emails or scrapbook, until she wakes up.

I always like to listen for a few minutes when she wakes up, because she's pretty funny. She likes to sing or play with her aquarium or make various noises.... Today, she started calling Bailey in to play with her. Sorry, it's hard to see.

Once we're up, we have a little snack and then take Bailey for a walk (unless it's freezing) and resume playing.

Gracie and I built a small fort just for her toys.

Hmmm... should a hockey stick go in the fort??

Yep!! Every toy from the toy box should be able to play in the fort.

And then Gracie wanted to be tucked in under her favourite blankie of the moment, (one of my mom's beautiful quilts) with a few of her dolls for a quick cat nap.

Soon, Brad gets home and that's really exciting. Then supper, a bath, a snack, some more play time and bed. Throw in a few trips to the potty, a few tears over not being able to put on her monkey costume, numerous songs and books, and this is what our days look like.

Gracie goes to sleep at about 8, and at about 8:30 I usually think, "hmmmm Gracie would like this, too bad she's not up."

Then I think, "are you crazy? Use this time to get something done!"

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