Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We had an exciting week all ready. I had a dentist appointment Monday and Brad couldn't get off in time to get home, so I thought I'd take up the receptionists at the clinic who always say they'd love to watch her while I'm in.


Gracie lasted just long enough for them to freeze my mouth and then she lost it! Waterfalls of tears were pouring down her face and she was inconsolable.
Poor girl.

The dentist kept saying, 'it will only take 10 minutes if I can get in there', but we had to go home. My mouth was frozen until Gracie's bedtime at 8.

So, we had a failure at the dentist, but we've had some big successes in Gracie's potty training this week.

Big girl underwear!!

She's gone three days without an accident. She even went on a trip to the library and walked the dog (two separate trips) and managed not to have an accident!

I think it's these special underwear that you can get at WalMart. They have a little extra protection, so you don't have full-blown accidents, but they still feel different than a diaper.

Gracie loves hers.

EDIT: After I hit send on this post, Gracie told me she had to go to the potty. As we were racing upstairs, she peed on my hip..... ahhh.. motherhood.

She also has a new night time ritual. It takes place right at the end of her day, after her bath, playing in the rabbit blankie that Great Auntie Rhonda gave her and her night time snack.

Gracie has started saying, "I love you" when she goes to bed. I say it to her and then she says it back. I feel just like the Grinch when his heart grows at the end of the movie every time I tuck her in now.

Sigh. Makes a little extra freezing worthwhile.

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