Friday, March 18, 2011

Another Flower Tutorial

I've been playing with flowers lately, so I thought I'd share a quick how-to with you.
They're all very simple, but add dimension and interest to your layouts or projects, plus they're kind of fun!

The Rose

I punched three 1" five petal flowers out using this punch (any five petal flower die or punch will do)

using the same paper ( I know there's only two here, but use three)

And you can turn them into this:

Simply stack the die cuts so that the bottom two are pattern side up and the top one is pattern side down. Adhere them together in the centre only.

Next, fold up the petals on the top flower to make the innermost, tightly curled portion of the flower. It should look like a bit of a cone, point up.

With the second flower, bend the petals up, but curl the tips of the petals back out, using a pen or stylus.

Repeat the last step with the bottom flower until you've achieved the look you like.

Twirled Flowers

These are Sizzix die cut shapes, I believe, but you could make them yourself using edged scissors and simply cutting a circle into a spiral.

Start at the centre and wrap it around a pen or stylus with a fine point, then twirl it up.

Add a few antique pearls in the middle and you're done.

Note: The third flower is made using a cupcake wrapper. I cut the outside, corrugated edge into a swirl similar to the other two and wrapped it back up again. Cute, right??! And easy in a pinch if you run out of pre-made die-cuts. I used a white cupcake liner, but feel free to add interest by spraying with glimmer mist, inking the edges or adding glitter.

Dahlia (?? I could be wrong, but I think a dahlia looks something like this??)

This is the easiest, and actually one of my favourites. Simply take two silk flowers, like the one on the left

roll one into a cone and tuck the end through the hole in the middle of the other. Give it a bit of a tug to pull it through a ways, fluff out the top and you're done!

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