Friday, April 01, 2011

Birthday Recap

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It was a great day and so far, 28 isn't feeling so bad. Half the time, I don't remember how old I am anyway, so what does it matter?

Brad took the day off work, so we had a fun, family day.

Gracie must have been excited, because she couldn't wait to get up and celebrate, so we started the day at 7. A few hours later, at a more reasonable hour, we hit Tim Hortons for a free donut (for Brad- finally a win from under the rim) and French Vanilla coffees.

We went to West Edmonton Mall to scout around and people watch. While there, I got a free tea latte from my favourite tea shop, David's Tea. Mmmmmm... yummy, but two is a lot of hot drinks for me, so I was worried I was having hot flashes for awhile (how old am I?).

Even a little birthday cupcake drawing on top.

After a few hours of perusing, we headed home for a nap (Gracie). She didn't make it, so we had to transfer her from the car to the crib. It worked well, but she woke up very upset with me for not putting her in her sleep sack. Gasp!

While she was snoozing, I made a quick card (act surprised if this shows up in your mailbox).

More playing, got some pictures printed (10 cents each at Superstore right now), and enjoying a little bit of sunshine.

I got to look at these lovely flowers from Lacey. Thanks!

Gracie likes them, too.

I watched the Greys Anatomy Musical. I can't decide whether I liked it or not. It was interesting. Callie can sing, that's for sure.

Then, we wrapped up the day with pizza and blizzards. My new favourite blizzard is Turtle Pecan. Try it! I was a strict Oreo or Skor blizzard fan before, but I've broadened my horizons for this one.

A yummy and relaxing day. Oh yeah, and did I mention, I have a new box of scrapbooking goodies???

All in all, a great birthday.

I didn't even get thrown up on in Costco, that was Wednesday..... the full story will be included in my momoir one day.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Wall Sugar Co.

Meagan said...

Man was I surprised when that card showed up!:) Thanks!