Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dominican Vacation

We got back late last night and had a great trip! Gracie was a trooper. She flew well, ate well, slept well and loved playing in the sunshine.

This is her watching the planes in Toronto while we waited for our connection.

We had good weather (+29 and higher) and it rained only once, as our bus was pulling away from the resort. Perfectly timed.

Gracie loved it and it was nice for her and Brad to get to spend so much time together and for us all to get some relaxing family time in.

I would highly recommend the Bahia Grande Principe Cayacoa in Samana. The staff, food, beaches, pools, rooms, and location were tremendous.

Here are a few pictures taken around the resort:

You can see the main beach below and a bridge that leads across to another tiny island.

On the bridge:

The view looking back towards the resort from the island (in the sunlight).

The view from our balcony. Facing north, overlooking the main pool and the ocean:

and facing east, overlooking a smaller bay and the second, more private beach:

The kiddie pool was a foot deep, but had three deeper pools in the middle the kids could jump in or parents could sit in (much easier than duck walking around the shallow parts).

It overlooks the smaller bay.

Here's the snack shack:

And the view from the snack shack of the smaller bay:

The main courtyard:

And one of the a-la-carte restaurants (a view from both sides, in the evening and during the day):

This is a view of Samana, unfortunately, we were enjoying relaxing so much, we never did leave the resort...

Now you've had a tour of our resort. Nice right? It was a good little place to relax and get away from it all. I'll tell more stories and show more pictures next time. I need to put on another sweater, I'm much more used to +30 than +1.

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