Monday, April 18, 2011

Some more pictures of our trip.

We went exploring as soon as we got there and just after I took this, Gracie lost a shoe in the ocean. Brad had to hop in and get it. Too bad we hadn't put our suits on, yet. It was only waste deep water :)

Gracie loved the pool, in and out, in and out, in and out, all day long.

In the shallow pool, she could climb in and out, and in the big pool, she got us to push her out and then she jumped in. She got so that she was pretty fearless. She would take a few steps back and for a running start and then jump in! Hence the lifejacket.

One of my favourite moments was coming into our hotel room where Brad and Gracie were resting on the bed watching cartoons. I said hi at the door, and Gracie turned to me and said, Ola!

Cute little beach babe.

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