Thursday, May 05, 2011

Easter, Class and New Bruises

We went to Hanna last weekend to celebrate a belated Easter with my family and it was great. All of the photos of the weekend, and there area few good ones, are on my mom's camera, so you have to wait to see them....

Jada, Gracie and their friend Hawkin hunted for Easter eggs, which was pretty cute, plus Grams had matching dresses for Jada and Gracie (she actually bought them awhile ago, but they fit perfectly now and they're super springy and perfect for Easter).
We took the girls out to see some of the new calves and walk around the farm, which they loved and Gracie got lots of time with Grams and Papa. It was a good weekend.

My class at Artisan Emporium went well. Everyone did a great job and the time worked out just perfectly. I love seeing other people's spins on what I teach, too. There were some beautifully decorated projects and everyone was game to get inky and sticky, so it was fun!

Now, we've been back home all week, and I'm still trying to shake a cold. Two weeks I've had it and it won't leave me alone. We've got nothing planned, but yardwork this weekend, so hopefully that will put an end to it.

Here's a few pictures I took last night so you'd have something to look at.

Gracie and her babies, all tucked in.

Can you see her EAster tattoo sticking out of her sleeve? A big, sparkly bunny and Easter egg tattoo, and it has lasted through four baths and numerous hand washings all ready.... May still be there for Christmas.

And a close up of her nasty new bruise. I know kids are going to get bruises, but each one breaks my heart. Gracie got a little extra Easter candy last night, because I was feeling for her....

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