Friday, May 27, 2011

Funny Friday

We've had a stressful past few days. Lost a Great Aunt and a great friend/former teacher, had a few setbacks and meltdowns with our nearly two year old (Terrible Twos???), and Gracie and I are sick.... again, so I need a few smiles to keep me positive. Here's a few quick laughs to keep you going for the weekend.

Smile #1
Gracie's take on strollercize:

Smile #2
An email I found in my junk folder from 'Vigara - Cheap'. Not only does this appeal to me because I'm anal about spelling, but I love that you can get 'Vigara' cheaply..... as long as you're not too worried that it's not Viagra. Locate your nearest hospital before taking these pills.

Smile #3
The Bridesmaids. I love the trailers for this movie! Can't wait to see it. Here's a link.

Smile #3
It's sunny outside!!!! Hurray for summer. Get outside and enjoy it, folks.

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