Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Fairy Wings

Sorry the posts are so few and far between lately. We've been crazy busy. Brad's working like a dog and we've had company, been out visiting and been busy with swimming lessons, strollercize, trips to the park and playdates.

Yard work, housecleaning and walking the dog are also keeping us busy, but not as busy as it should be keeping us....

Grams got Gracie and Jada some fairy wings and they loved them! Gracie thought the wings and tutu were fantastic, but Jada liked the magic wand most of all. When Grams told her it was a magic wand, she asked if it worked. What a cutie!

Gracie wore hers out playing around the farm, so mom and I snapped a bunch of pictures, but I haven't gotten any of Jada in her outfit, yet.

Isn't my parent's farm beautiful?? It's so green and lush this year.

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