Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A quick layout

I haven't shown any scrapbooking in awhile and the name of my blog is suddenly not so fitting....I should probably change it to "A Day in the Life of Gracie" or "All about Gracie." She seems to be the star.

Here's a quick one to keep you thinking one day, I might get up to date on my scanning and posting. I don't think I've put this one up before. Guess who's the star of this one?? That's right!! Gracie.

I have actually been creating up a storm, so soon, I'll have more pictures.

We had a fun weekend in Calgary and have some great ideas for bridesmaids dresses. Now to choose one and get it ordered. Should be fun!

We also went to see the movie "Bridesmaids." Hilarious! Crude and rude, and borderline offensive, but we laughed through the whole thing and re-enacted it for hours afterwards.

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