Friday, June 24, 2011

So Fun, So Cold

It's finally warm outside!!

We've had a few nice days this summer, but they're spread out and tempered with wind storms and rain showers. Yuck! We've hardly been able to enjoy a real summer day, so when it was hot on our walk at 8:30, yesterday, I realized we had to use the sunshine.

One bump on the head, twenty minutes of fighting with an air compressor, and a few silent curse words later, Gracie had a limp butterfly pool full of ice cold water.

I thought she'd just look at me and ask to go in, but she loved it! It was cold, but she splashed in and out and ran around the grass enjoying quick polar dips.

I put her to work watering flowers while I filled the pool.

And she had a bit of a workout while I washed windows.

Can you tell she's doing dips and push-ups?? We do this a lot at strollercize. She's definitely watching us!

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