Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Days 20-23

We've been in Marrakesh for the last four days and even though we're not far from Europe, it's definitely a different world. The best word I can think of to describe it is cacophony. There's so many sounds, and smells, and people, and sights, it's overwhelming.

We're staying in a Riad, which is like a guesthouse/hotel in the middle of the medina. You are winding through the Souks, which are full of people, chatter, motorbikes, kids playing soccer, donkeys pulling carts, and hundreds of other sights and sounds... and then you turn a corner into an alley and the noise level drops to a minimum, and you open the door to your Riad, and it's a calm oasis with a spa-like environment and all you hear are birds creeping through the courtyard. It's phenomenal to experience.

We visited the Saadien Tombs, where nobility are buried, and the intricate detailing on the walls and doors is amazing.
We saw the Badii Palace, Kasbah and Kouroubian Mosques, and wandered around some of the medina walls, the souks, and some fantastic gardens.
We took a few trips into Ville Nouveau to get a break from all the chaos and see how the 'new town' compared to the 'old town.'
We stroll through Jemaa El Fma, a plaza full of monkeys, juice vendors, witch doctors, henna artists, fortune tellers, acrobats, snake charmers and 'dentists' everyday, which is always an experience.
We have also been enjoying the rooftop of our Riad, which has a jacuzzi in the shade, set cool, to splash in.
Unfortunately, we've also had a bout with some traveller's sickness, but nothing too serious, and we're  on the mend. 

Tomorrow, we head back to Barcelona, and we'll be home Thursday night. It's bittersweet. I'm happy to be going home, and we all have a list of things we can't wait to get back to, but this trip has been a month of dedicated family time and we've enjoyed so many places, experiences, foods, and new people, it's hard to give up.

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