Saturday, September 29, 2012

Days 24, 25, and recovery

We're home!!!

We got home late Thursday night and have had two sleeps in our own beds (partial sleeps, but sleeps, none the less).
We've had showers in our own bathroom, with all of our usual shampoos, lotions, creams, and luxuries that we've been missing.
We've started laundry and have enjoyed wearing clothes that we haven't worn over and over for the past month.
We went out for breakfast Friday morning, because we have no food in the house and then went to Costco and stockpiled.
We bought The Hunger Games movie, watched it, and Brad has started the final book (He read the first two on the trip).
Gracie ran around and greeted all of the toys she hasn't seen in so long, and a few birthday presents that she got right before we left, that she hardly remembered. Jackpot!

It's nice to be home.

Our last two days were mostly spent in airports, taxi-ing to airports, or packing to go to airports. They were still good, though.

On Day 24, we flew from Marrakesh to Girona (just outside Barcelona) and then hopped on a bus to downtown Barcelona. Our apartment was right by the bus depot, so we walked to our room, put our feet up, got organized, and then headed to a patisserie for one last supper of homemade pizza and pastries :) We walked around a little bit and enjoyed our only cool day of the trip (probably only +25 C).

On Day 25, we flew. Nine hours from Barcelona to Toronto, five hour layover, with a delay, and then four hours from Toronto to Edmonton. An hour and a half for luggage and parking, and driving home, and we were in bed by 11:30 (which felt like 7:30 am, the next morning). Ugh. Gracie slept a little on the plane, in my arms, and during the ride home, so she did great!

Now, back to the routine. There's no slowing down. Brad's busy with work, and we've got a bunch of stuff to do before baby arrives, plus there's a birthday party for Gracie to plan, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas to prepare for, and a house and yard to fall clean. Joy!

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