Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fresh Face and some inspiration

I love that my family is so creative. We have quilters, scrapbookers, painters, singers, musicians, actors, writers, wood workers, a little bit of everything. It makes life so interesting to be surrounded by such inspiring creativity.

My cousin Katelyn is a fantastic scrapbooker. I wish I had gotten started as early as she has. She's thirteen and is in scrapbooking 4-H. How cool is that? I raised steers and she gets to scrapbook... hummph....

Have a peak at some of her projects.

Cute paint can, eh? She cut out a bunch of little flowers and glued them to a bunny sketch that she drew and used brads for the eyes and nose.

This was two heart stamps that she inked with a cherry red ink and then added some red glitter.

This was an altoids tin that she covered with red and silver handmade paper and stamped on, with a fun little heart inside.

And lastly, a luggage tag that she stamped with purple ink and then spread silver glitter on top in fast up and down strokes.

Great, right?! Last time we scrapbooked together, she came up with this great little gift bag that could've been a wall hanging, it was so cool. All inky with wire bent into words... very cool.

Thanks Katelyn, for sending me some of your stuff to show.

Now, if that wasn't inspiration enough, here's a link to the Basic Grey May newsletter. I love their stuff, and this newsletter has some neat projects and ideas. Have a look and if you like it, it's pretty easy to sign up for, just visit the Basic Grey website.

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