Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Edmonton and Challenge #3

We had a great weekend in Edmonton, touring around some interesting neighborhoods and checking out a few houses. Plus, we saw Eagle Eye, which was pretty good, but makes me want to throw out my cell phone... We also had a few meals out and did some shopping at West Edmonton Mall. Pretty great weekend. Just nice to spend some time together and it's so exciting to be moving!

Also, here's last week's Just Cre8 Challenge:

The challenge was to use an ad as inspiration for a layout. This is the ad that I chose (we were given three options, and this one gave me the dream idea):

And here are a few close ups of my layout:

This has been interesting. I don't think I'm making the best layouts I've ever made necessarily, but it's making me step outside of my usual scrapping box, which is fun. The deadline is what kills me... They give us the challenges on Saturday and they have to be uploaded by Wednesday. Which means if I'm gone for the weekend and have supper plans Monday night and work all week (like this time) I get to start and finish my challenge Tuesday night....

Maybe it's good to get my mind working faster on layouts. I have a million Europe pics to scrap so I need to step it up a bit :)

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