Friday, November 28, 2008


I've long since accepted that I have an addictive personality. Not really bad addictions, no alcohol or gambling problems, no need to shop or spend all our money, but anything that I can get myself all tangled up in, let's say, a plot line or a character, that's another story. I can easily lose myself in a story, a song, a tv series, anything that captures my imagination and piques my interest. I'm not sure exactly what the linch pin is for me, but I can pick out a few examples from my past, quite easily.

Mr. Big's song, 'To Be With You,' junior high, repeat button pushed on my stereo for weeks (I don't think my brother can stomach the song anymore)

The TV series, Roswell, high school, minor problem with the lead characters never getting together and staying together

Grey's Anatomy, first season, why do people insist on talking when my show is on?

And, I've just found my newest addiction...

You probably remember my post last week about Twilight. How much I enjoyed it and how I couldn't put it down. Well, a few days later, I went to Calgary for a meeting and had a few minutes to spare. I told myself, "I'll run into a store quick and if it's there it's a sign." Thankfully, upon entering my third store, I found the second book, New Moon. Sometimes you have to look hard to find signs!

I also went and saw Twilight in Banff with some friends. I really liked it, except it was a little hard to keep the tension built as all of the girls in the theatre kept giggling like crazy whenever Edward (Rob Pattinson) came on... I guess that's the price you pay for reading teen books :)

So, now I've read the second book (again, one night after work, I cracked it and couldn't put it down until I was done). So, I feel like I'm ahead of the game a little. I don't want to stumble upon any spoilers before I get through the series, so I have to keep my addiction in check. I'm hoping I can wait for Christmas for the other two.... I should probably stay away from any kind of store though, in case I run into another 'sign.'

If you're interested, Stephenie Meyer's website is kind of interesting as well. A look at how she wrote the books and where her ideas came from. Just a little tip from an addict.

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Trisha Ladouceur said...

OOOOOOOH Kelly! Another addict!!! I was told about this series a couple of weeks ago (Katharina and Leica). I am NOT a reader (too busy to get wrapped up in a book) but OMG!!! I could not put these down. I read through ALL 4 in only a week!!! lol! Yup... stay away from book stores (if you can bear it). I could not, had to run out and buy them asap. And I do not buy hardcovers but there was NO WAY I could wait for paperbacks!!! LOL!I went to the movie this weekend too and of course it was no where near as good as the book, but fun nonetheless. My hubby and sons even enjoyed it:)

Glad to hear you liked them too:)Happy reading!