Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Good Weekend and off to Edmonton

We just got finished a great weekend, and we're off again.

My parents came out for a few days and we had a great visit. Watched a few World Cup races, played some cards, watched Brad play hockey, and mom and I even got some scrapbooking in!

Now, we're heading up to Edmonton to search for a house. This is the big weekend. We're hoping to make the decision in the next five days. Wish us luck!

Here are a few of the scrappy things I've been working on.

More Europe layouts:

The Pantheon:

Notice the passport page I used for my journaling? I cut it out of Brad's old passport. I kinda like it, too. There may be a lot of them throughout our Europe book.

and the pics under the flap (just too many pictures to scrapbook from this trip!)

St. Peter's Basilica:

which I see I stuck together in the wrong order, oops...

see the cool digital frames on the two focal pictures? I love them. They were a free download, too. Gotta love freebies!

And another for the Brad book:

Can you pick him out in the dirty coveralls? He's right in the middle, holding a sweater. That makes a total of four pages in his album.... slowly getting it ready for Christmas.... or maybe his birthday, we'll see how fast we move.

When I report back, we may be one step closer to being homeowners!

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