Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Scrapbooking Weekends

I'm not sure why I'm spending my weekends scrapbooking when I have so many things I should be doing, but lately, I've gotten quite a bit of crafty time in between the work weeks.

When my parents came out a few weekends ago, my mom and I got some scrapbooking in. I started some Christmas cards... I only made a few quick ones, but I have big plans to mail them out soon!

Then, last weekend, we had no plans (wait, you're moving in a few weeks and your house is not clean, your Christmas shopping isn't done, and you've been sick all week) so I spent a good chunk of it scrapbooking.

I started by printing a few of my digi layouts and adding some 3-D elements to them. Kinda fun, but I need to get some 12x12 photo paper so that they print out at a better quality. I was just using white cardstock, and the pictures weren't very high quality.

Here are a few of my new hybrid layouts:

A few flowers, stickers, rub-ons and a vellum word and they're much more fun! I really like playing with digital, but nothing beats a really textured, 3-D layout in my books.

Plus, I got some work done on a few trip layouts and another Brad book layout... a Brad birthday book, alas, it is almost Christmas, and it will not be done. Actually, we're not really exchanging gifts this year, besides giving each other a new house and probably a few home goodies in the new year! Ayway, I'll show them later in the week.

Hope you're all enjoying the freezin' cold!!

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