Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We found a place!

We're one step closer to moving now. After a whirlwind trip to Edmonton, we found a house, made an offer, and have all ready had the home inspection. Whew.

Wanna see some pictures of our new place?? Keep in mind the furniture doesn't come with it, and we'll do some painting to put our stamp on it, but it looks pretty good, right??

Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, hardwood floors and vaulted ceilings... pretty nice, eh? Lucky us that we stumbled into the market when we did.

So now we just arrange the movers and switch the phones and internet and all the fun stuff and we should be in by the middle of January! Hurray!


Trisha Ladouceur said...

Looks like it has a pretty good scrap space for ya;0)

Where in Edmonton are you moving? If you want a scrap night, drop me an email... I am always up to a new scrap pal!!!

scrappaleica said...

Hey girl! that is one heck of a beautiful house! good for you guys. nice & bright, spacious and the design is quite attractive. can't wait to see your style spun on it. have fun!!!