Wednesday, June 03, 2009

First Prenatal Class

We had our first prenatal class last night which was really good. It was two hours, but was super informative, so it seemed like it went quicker. We got to see an example of what a baby looks like in utero. The 'example baby' was 22 weeks old, which was neat, because our baby is currently 25 1/2 weeks old. Our baby is just a little bigger than that one.

There were alot of couples in the class, but we get divided up into a few different groups in the coming weeks. Lots of the couples are about as far along as us, so we're hoping to meet some new people and learn from everyone else's experiences. Interesting..... One down, five to go.

Okay, a few more layouts:

These were, yet again, challenges from the Just Cre8 Crop. It was a very productive crop for me. I got lots done and had fun! But, I still have lots to do. The joys of digital cameras and two photo happy travellers...

If you took part in the Just Cre8 crop and liked it, or if you missed out and wished you could partake in another one.... There is an interesting online crop coming up this summer with Creating Keepsakes. Click here for more information about it. It's free to sign up, and there are sure to be some interesting classes. Check it out.

Also, you've probably heard about the demise of a few of the biggest scrapbooking magazines in the industry, but if not, prepare to say goodbye to Simple Scrapbooks and Memory Makers. They are no longer going to be publishing their magazines.

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1scrappymama said...

First prenatal and alreaddy 25 weeks...where does the time go! Only 15 more to go. I remember starting the countdown about now! Enjoy it while you can!