Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer's In Full Swing

I keep writing about how busy we are, but it never seems to slow down! Yes, we had another busy weekend, but it seems like the busy is stretching for months.... we just never slow down! At the moment, we're pretty much booked right up until baby arrives. She better not be early, or we'll have to reschedule.....

I picked Brad up from the airport Thursday night and I finally get to keep him around for awhile, which will be nice. I put him to work Friday and we got so much done, I was impressed! I had a huge list of things that needed to get done around the house and we got it all done, except for one! Brad fixed our toilet (which required inventing new curse words and numerous trips to Rona), and we installed a gate for our backyard, mowed the lawn, weed whipped, pulled dandelions, weeded all the gravel trim around our yard, watered everything, did a big grocery shop, cleaned the house top to bottom, and got ourselves ready for the company arriving that night and the BBQ we had Saturday. Seriously. We were moving.

Now, our company has come and gone, the house that was once so clean now needs to be recleaned, but the toilet and the gate held up, and we had a great weekend with friends. I even sat on my butt a bit on Sunday and scrapbooked. Haven't done that in awhile! Dirty floors be damned, I just cleaned them, I refuse to reclean them so soon!

This week, we're planning on extending our weekend to make it super long. We're taking Thursday and Friday off to add to Canada Day Wednesday. Should be good!

And, with a break in sight, I'll leave you with some more shots of Ottawa:

Aren't these poppies massive? Maybe you can't tell from the photo, but they were huge!

The Parliament building as the sun went down:

The War Memorial, across from Parliament:

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