Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Birthdays, and baby updates

We spent our long weekend at my parent's farm in Hanna. It was so great to get away and relax and visit.

We had a surprise birthday for my dad on Saturday, which went well. Miraculously, the surprise was kept until just before the party started, so he just had enough time to clean up before guests started arriving. It was fun to see all of the neighbours and some of dad's college buddies. Lots of reminiscing.

We got lots of time with Curtis and Brandi and Jada, too, which was great. We usually seem to miss them or just catch them for a few hours, so we got a good visit in this time.

I just got back from a doctor's appointment and everything is going well. Saskatoon is right on track. Two months left.... And we're wrapping up our prenatal classes. The second last one is tonight. We are learning about baby health today. Should be fun.

This weekend we're off to Lethbridge for Brad's dad's birthday and some more visiting. Should be another fun one.

In a few more weeks, we have a weekend off, so we're planning a garage sale :)If you're in the area, you should stop by. There will be all kinds of goodies for sale...

Okay, more Ottawa pics:

Brad and I playing at the War Museum. We're all about hands-on displays...

The library in the Parliament building, inside and out. This is the oldest part of the building, the only part that survived a fire.

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