Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Fun With The Family

Another long weekend with the family, this time, we were in Lethbridge visiting Brad's family. We saw so many people! There were like thirty people in Brad's parent's house at any given moment. We got to meet some neices that we'd never even met before, which was great, plus, we got to see neices and nephews that we haven't seen in five years and Brad's brother and girlfriend who we haven't seen in almost four years! Plus, all of the regulars :)

We celebrated Brad's dad's 70th birthday on Sunday and had a fantastic BBQ. I think he really enjoyed seeing everyone and getting the whole family together. We even got some pictures (I actually don't have a copy, but I know there are a lot of them out there) of the WHOLE family.

Thank you to everyone who gave us early baby gifts, I spent my lunch break looking at everything and this baby is going to be spoiled! She (man, I hope it's a girl now that we have an entire wardrobe set up for a little girl) will be the best dressed baby in Alberta.

We got back late last night and are now trying to settle back into the work routine today. This weekend, we have a wedding, but we're only going overnight, so we get a little longer break between events. Whew! The weekends are almost melting together this summer. This week, the house needs to be cleaned and the yard needs to be weeded, mowed and just cleaned up in general. We're going to try and get ready for a garage sale in the next couple of weeks, too. Out with the old. Need to make room for this baby's clothes!

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