Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Weekend Down...

Our summer seems to be a collection of weekends spent travelling from place to place, with a few days of work in between. It's passing in a blur, and with summer passing quickly, it means baby is getting closer. Yikes... are we ready?

This weekend, we actually only had one night away from home (a rarity for us lately). We spent Friday night shopping for a stroller and then grabbed some pizza and some movies and just had a night to veg out and enjoy our cool basement.

Then, we were off Saturday morning. We loaded up the car, the dog reluctantly got in his kennel in the back (after he apparently had a conversation with Brad about our need to travel so much) and headed to Airdrie. We stopped in to see Brad's troopmate, Dave's new house and had a bit of a visit with him and then left Bailey with him over night. Then, we were off to meet up with some friends from Lake Louise in Calgary on our way out to a wedding in Bragg Creek. The wedding was absolutely beautiful! Our old neighbours from Lake Louise, Martin and Carrie got married on her parent's ranch south of Bragg Creek. Beautiful location, beautiful day, great food, great company, good music.... good day all in all.

Then, Sunday morning we met up with a bunch of Lake Louisians for breakfast and a visit, headed out to pick up Bailey, stopped in at my grandparents for a quick visit and some snacks and headed home (with a quick stop at IKEA).


A few shots of the wedding:

And Steph, Broc and Kale, after Kale's first hike in Waterton last weekend:

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