Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Home Again

This summer is so busy! I probably shouldn't have gone to Ottawa last weekend, but it was fun, so everything else can wait :)

Even though I had work at home, we had a great weekend, saw some friends, ate good food, did the tourist-y thing, enjoyed the sunshine and the beauty of the city and quite likely enjoyed our last little weekend getaway before the baby arrives.

I'll show a few pictures throughout the week, since we took alot. Even though we were only there for a few days, we always seem to take photos. Hmmmm... more pictures to scrapbook before baby comes.

The parliament building from across the river:

Brad and I in front of the centennial flame:

(With a little belly shot-Week 29 folks!)

The parliament building cenre block:

And, a shot of the Ottawa River:

It's a really great city, green and lush with lots to see and do. It's probably one of Canada's prettiest cities. I highly recommend it.

When I got back, my parents came up for a visit and helped me with some chores. My mom came to my prenatal class with me, since Brad is still in Ottawa for a few more days, which was nice. It was good to have someone to share a grimace with during the videos.

*Sigh* Now, back to work.

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