Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby News and a few more projects

We had another doctor's appointment Monday and everything went well. Sadly, there's no news to report. Baby isn't coming anytime soon, so we're still waiting. Technically, we're still three weeks from the due date, so she still may make it on time....

We did get a quick peak at Saskatoon, which was great! The doctor wanted to check the fluid levels around the baby, so he wheeled in his portable ultrasound machine. We got to see the most perfect little toes and a better view of the face. Really neat. Unfortunately, it was a little harder to see much else, because the baby is so scrunched in there now. I guess I know why those perfect little toes are trying to break my ribs....

Our three days of downtime and housecleaning and getting everything organized again will come to an end tonight. We have a bunch of folks from Brad's work coming for a BBQ tonight. They're from all over eastern Canada, so we promised them some Alberta Beef(what can I say, we keep ourselves busy...). Tomorrow, we've got a good friend coming to town, so we're having supper with her and the Salvation Army is coming to pick up our garage sale wares that didn't sell. Friday we're off to Hanna for a wedding and another weekend of visiting.

The good news? This is the last thing we have planned (outside of work stuff) until the baby arrives. That's right, we may have the next two weekends entirely off! Of course, we may also be spending Labour Day Long Weekend in the hospital, but either way, I'm excited.

I have big plans to scrapbook, do some major cleaning and nesting and just breathe. Ahhhh.....

So, here are a few more Europe layouts. Slowly, I will get this project done. I can actually see an end in sight. I spent an hour or so last night gathering papers, photos and embellishments for another 6 pages, now I just need to sit down sometime and put them together.

I love these pictures. They aren't the best photos, but they remind me of the mood and the tone of the Blue Mosque. It is a religious mecca for a lot of people and you really felt that atmosphere, very sombre and spiritual. I really enjoyed it.

This two-pager is about the outside of the Louvre. Have you ever been (or seen or read Davinci Code)? You enter the museum through a giant glass pyramid. It's really impressive and a little odd, because the museum itself seems to surround you, but the entrance takes you under the courtyard and the building itself. Pretty cool.

Now, back to work.

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