Thursday, August 27, 2009

Someone Had A Baby.... Just Not Us

We have another doctor's appointment today. Hopefully, there's some news. Brandi's sister, Berri-Sue had a baby girl Monday morning. She was due exactly a month before us (August 10) and she had two other friends with due dates later than hers have their babies while she waited. Now that she's got a baby girl, (Ella Raine - great name, right?) we're okay to have ours! Saskatoon, we're ready for you. Come on down!

We had some company last night for the AC/DC concert in Edmonton. My cousins and aunt came up to take in the show and it seems like they had a good time. Floor seats to see a live band that big, should've been good. We didn't go (although that may have helped the baby along) but we got to live vicariously through their stories.

Here are a few more Europe layouts. Three albums and counting. Now who in their right mind (besides my mother, Brad and I) will ever want to look at sooooo many pictures of our trip? Ahhhh well, the memories will be preserved for those days when we are longing to hit the road and can't.

These are a few pictures taken inside the Louvre. Notice the Mona Lisa in the bottom, right corner? It was pretty cool to see it in person (even though it's protected by glass and you can't get within 3 feet of it), but each and every painting and display in there is impressive.

Recognize this tower-on-a-tilt? Pretty neat site, actually. We took a ton of goofy photos there, but a bunch of them got deleted, accidentally. Probably for the best, because I'm horrible at thinning out pictures. Digital cameras did not help me out. I take a ton of photos and can't bear to delete any of them...

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