Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Updates and Crafty Things

I had another doctor's appointment yesterday. 36 weeks!! Unfortunately, my doctor had a busy day, and they were three hours late. He delivered 24 babies in 30 hours. Can you believe that? Something was going on in Edmonton, yesterday. Luckily, they called me and let me know, so I only waited for an hour and a half... I got in and out and everything is still going well. I have to go in every week, now, since we're getting so close.


Since we've been home for a few days, I'm nearly caught up on the house/yard work. At least the place looks reasonable. We got a new air conditioning unit installed yesterday, so I can last a little longer.

I spent a bit of time scrapbooking Sunday evening, but haven't gotten too much done this week. Here are a few older layouts I haven't shown yet.

I love this background paper from My Mind's Eye, and I think it was a perfect compliment to some of my favourite photos of Santorini. The pictures aren't anything special, just a reminder of how beautiful and relaxing the island was.

And, the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Another simple layout. Slowly, I'll get the Europe pictures done and move on to other projects.

Tomorrow, my parents are coming up with Curtis, Brandi and Jada and we're going to the Eskimos/Stampeders game. Should be good, as long as the rain stays away.

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