Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back to Gracie...

Two posts about other topics, and we're back to more updates on Gracie. Seems she's taken over our lives.

Here's a picture of her in Hanna with her Aunt Brandi and Uncle Curtis. I really like this picture of the three of them.

And the first time we put her in pants, instead of a sleeper. She looks so much bigger dressed like this. Anyone wanting to look a little smaller after eating too much at Thanksgiving, remember this, wear a sleeper. Apparently, they're the key to looking smaller. Pants just cut you in half.

A photo of her playing on her tummy. It doesn't look like it in this shot, but her neck is really strong all ready. She really likes to be held up on your shoulder, so she can look around. Lights and fans are the big attraction so far.

Tomorrow, she'll be one month old! Time is flying by, but she's doing well, has a good routine and is a very content little girl. I'm hoping to take her in to the clinic to get weighed and measured so there should be an update tomorrow.

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