Friday, October 23, 2009

A Few of Her Favourite Things...

Gracie may not be old enough to sit up by herself or see long distances, but she definitely has a few favourite things.

Curtis and Brandi gave me a little aquarium for the crib that plays lullabies or soothing ocean noises and has little bubbles and bobbing fish that light up and I kept thinking she's too young for that. Then I tried it.... best invention ever. No need to rock her to sleep or anything with the aquarium on, just lay her in front of it, push the button and she'll drift off by herself.


This is her other favourite:

My grandparents got this chair for her and it is so great! She loves it. Her favourite part, amazingly enough, is the stripey material on the sides. She just stares at it. She is more smiley in this chair than anywhere else.

Last night, she was a little fussy, Brad put her in this chair and turned it to vibrate. She quieted right down and just sat enjoying her little seat.

Got to love the little things that make life easier.

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Stacey. said...

Hi Brad and Kelly! Gracie is a beauty and so techno savvy already :-) Thanks for sharing the blog.