Thursday, October 29, 2009

Here are some cute pictures that Sam took when she was up here visiting:

I just love these pictures. She's not that small anymore, but she's still a cutie!

Lately, Gracie's been more awake during the day. She spends fewer hours sleeping and is more aware of everything happening around her. She likes to stretch out and really kick her legs and flail her arms.

(Notice her little Buddha Belly spilling over her pants. Too cute.)

When we were in Hanna last weekend, we looked at some of my baby pictures and Gracie and I look a lot alike. There are a few pictures that are so similar it's spooky. Brad even suggested he could put one of them in his wallet and say it was Gracie. Brad doesn't have any baby pictures, really. In the earliest pictures he has, he's around 1, so it's hard to compare him to Gracie now. In the next few months I'm sure we'll see more similarities.

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