Monday, October 19, 2009

Gracie's One Month Old!

Can you believe it? Gracie is one month old today. I can't believe how much she's grown and that we've spent the last month getting to know each other.

I took her to the Health Clinic today to get her weighed and measured and she's all ready 9 pounds 11 ounces. She's growing like crazy! She's taller and her head is bigger than last time, too. I've officially put away almost all of her newborn clothes. She's definitely in the 0-3 month category for clothes, now.

She's really grabbing things now and she's got a good grip. She grabs for hair, necklaces and anything that swings through her line of sight. She doesn't let go when you ask her to either so if you're holding her, consider yourself forewarned. She's tough.

Another two piece outfit, from Meagan, complete with frogs, her favourite. I think it looks like scrubs. Is there a medical career in Gracie's future, perhaps?

Gracie playing on her little gym mat. She likes to swat the bird, but only for a while and then it starts to freak her out a little bit. A bit overstimulating, perhaps.

I love the little bunny hands on this nightgown. Cute, right?! I tried to get a good picture of them, but she likes to really kick out and it's a bit too big for her, so you can't see them very well.

This was taken today, before we went to the Clinic. Just to capture her on her first month birthday (and wearing my favourite little hoodie).

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Meegs said...

awe, what a cutie! And what little girl doesn't need a frog outfit!