Thursday, February 02, 2012

Funny Girl

Some more updates from my super funny kiddo:

1. Yesterday morning, very seriously, Gracie held her Jasmine doll over the toilet and made rude noises, she pulled her back and said to her, "Jasmine, be a lady!" 

2. Last night, she told me I couldn't come to Jamaica. It was just her and dad going. I asked why not and she just looked at me sadly, and said, "Bye."

Later, she told me I could go if I finished my soup. 

3. We went to a wedding on the weekend and she recited a list of everyone she wanted to dance with, which included everyone that she new to be attending.

She lasted until nearly 11, when Brad and I pulled the plug, and she's still asking "What happened to the music?"

4. We were playing hide and seek the other day, and Gracie hid in the pantry. I was pretending to have trouble finding her, and said, "Where could she be?" Through the frosted glass window she was standing in front of, I heard her yell, "I'm in here!" and then she asked, "How did you know?" When I opened the door.

There you have it, a sampling of what's making me smile, lately. 

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