Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Part 3- Trapeze, Rastafarians, and Kayaks

Almost through folks. Sorry there are so many pictures. I'm actually only showing you a third of them.... I'm a little camera crazy. 

Here are some more photos of Jamaican fun.

Getting ready for the trapeze. "You're my safety man? Is that weed I smell on you?"

Curtis flying

Me preparing for my flip

Brad preparing for his big dismount

Brandi's actually smiling

 I'm thinking about joining the circus. 
Now that I know my arms won't just give out as soon as I jump off the platform. That was a real fear...

Did you notice we're all wearing the same pair of socks?? Yep. For some reason we needed socks to try the trapeze, (no safety lessons or even real instructions, but socks were a must) so Curtis got a pair of his and we all took turns wearing them. Family.

And, back to the stars of the show, the kids:

Rasta William

 Happy, playing in a bucket of water 
 Curtis, Brandi and Jada kayaking
 mom and dad kayaking
and enjoying the beach

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