Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Funny Girl is Sick

We've gone away to Jamaica, gone to Vancouver, had two sets of company, and now we're event-free, but sick. Brad and Gracie have gone down, and I'm pumping in the Astragulus to stay healthy.

Just thought I'd share some funny Gracie-isms of late:

-A few nights ago, Grams was teasing Gracie, saying she was green. Gracie looked at her very seriously and said, "No, I'm a white girl."

I would like to know where THAT came from. I don't call myself or her, or anyone else for that matter white girls, we don't live in the Bronx or the projects, her skin is actually cute and golden brown at the moment, so she doesn't even look white! Where on earth did she learn to call herself a white girl??

-Another day, I was trying to get Gracie and Bailey out the door for a walk. I got us all bundled up, Bailey leashed up and ready to go, and Gracie demanded a snack. I went back in, took off my shoes, ran upstairs to get her a snack and then got myself put back together and started the push/pull process I use to get everyone out, and Gracie kept saying,"Momma, momma, momma," I told her I'd give her her snack in a minute, I just wanted to get outside. I tried to encourage her out the door and as she stepped onto the step, she said, "Momma, I've got no shoes on."

Oops. Got in a hurry....

-It was Brad's birthday last week, and I asked Gracie what we should get him. She's actually got a great track record for picking people's gifts, so I was hoping for a real winner. She said he could use a girl.

Hmmmm.... I'd be offended, but her favourite toys of the moment are her 'girls,' little Disney princess figurines. Brad thought that was a very nice suggestion. (I bet he did!)

Okay, back to the nose-wiping, cough-catching, sneeze-blessing, grumpster-juggling life that I love.

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