Monday, February 13, 2012


We had a great trip to Jamaica last week We went with my family and it was so nice; warm weather, good company, yummy food, white sand, warm water, waterslides, mini golf, trapeze, snorkeling, crab racing, Bob Marley songs, and a suspicious green haze drifting over everything....what else could you ask for??

Here's a glimpse:

 Not too sure about this place...
 We walked onto the resort and a pirate stopped by to take a picture with the kids.

 Brad got into the relaxing aspect of the holiday quick. Work? What?
 Enjoying a slushie beverage.
 Dad's and the kids, hard at work

 One of my favourites of the girls
 I can't believe that didn't go in!

 tired of the beach? Let's relax in a hammock.

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