Thursday, March 01, 2012

Dreams of Driving a Chuckwagon Dashed

 Most of you know me fairly well. If you're reading this, there's a 95% chance you're related to me.... If not, get ready to learn how random I am.

You may know that I have a habit of cutting corners really close. I mean this, literally, not figuratively. I    take a corner with about a fifth of a millimetre between myself and the wall. I'm not in a hurry, I just seem to think that it will save time or energy or who knows what, if I skim past walls.

This can be an issue.

When Brad and I got engaged, I was constantly scraping my ring on the walls in our house. I love my ring, it's perfect, but it's not a rock that should get in your way. The same thing happens when I get a new watch.

It also leads to injuries. This morning, I sacrificed my pinkie toe to my addiction.

I think I may have broken it. 

You may notice my middle toe is oddly S shaped.... This is from a previous injury. I call it my S toe. Apparently, I prefer to corner too tightly to the right, because my left foot looks much more normal than my right.

Perhaps, this doesn't completely preclude me from driving a chuckwagon... They always turn to the left once they hit the track, but I may have issues with the barrels..... I won't shelve this dream just yet, I guess. 

Can't wait to see what my pinkie will end up like, so far, it's swollen and purple. Perhaps, it will be an Easter decoration. I will call it my Easter egg toe.


 And on a side note. Here's why I can't leave the house. Look at what my husband made our poor daughter put on over her sleep sack while I was gone.


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