Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Canvas Mini Album

I love minis. Since I tend to take WAY too many photos, it's a nice way for me to share all of the shots I got. Even if it's excessive.....

This one is from our trip to the Dominican Republic, last April. 

Hope you enjoy!

I used a Prima canvas album and loved it. It was a great way to step away from the normal paper layouts and really have a messy, inky, texture-rich, crafty good time!

Notice the small envelope? (Bottom, centre/right) 
It holds a tag and more pictures of us in the airport, pre-trip.

I used canvas pages, chipboard pages, and some standard, paper pages, which I slipped into page protectors throughout the album. 
 The pages in page protectors have a bit of glare on them in these pics. My apologies. 

I used a number of stencils, chipboard pieces, screens, and die-cuts with my glimmer mist on the pages, especially the canvas ones. 

To make the starfish look a little more 3 dimensional, I put a pop dot under the middle and then secured the outer tips of the 'arms' flat to the page.

The flower is made from a coffee filter, a bit of glimmer mist and a rhinestone.

I used a lot of corrugate cardboard from Creative Imaginations. This is a bit of a staple for me. I use it on everything. It adds such a great texture so quickly and easily.

That's part one of the Dominican mini album. I'll add the rest tomorrow. 
Hope you liked it. 

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