Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What she's been up to.....

That's right, her. 

She's growing up so fast, I can't possibly keep up. 

She's even brushing up on her manipulation skills (as if she needs the help). Here she is reading 'Verbal Judo, The gentle art of Persuasion' while I try and make the spare bed.

And, her musical career has really taken off, since Uncle Broc, Auntie Steph and Kale got her a guitar for Christmas. She'll be touring any day now. Watch out Taylor Swift, she's younger, and likes to shake her hips!

She's ready for the big times and the glamour that comes with being a superstar.

When she's not singing or studying, she's been enjoying the snow and the subsequent puddles on our daily walks. She's also getting good at throwing the ball for Bailey, even though Bailey seems to have lost his sense of smell and sight when it comes to finding said ball.

And, even though she's trying to cut out her naps, she's still mom's little cuddler when she wakes up. Yesterday, I went in to get her (I've been trying to wake her up early, so she sleeps better at night) and she was so darn groggy and cute, I had to take a picture. 

Even rockstars and verbal ninjas need to cuddle with Lambie and Beary when they're sleeping.

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