Friday, March 30, 2012

More Layouts!

After you peruse these, you'll realize I'm definitely not scrapbooking in any kind of order... I've got a little bit of everything in here. 

A quick layout about feeding the cows at Grams' and Papa's farm. Gracie loves the cattle at the farm. Right now, they have some new calves and Gracie and Jada (with William's help) got to name one of the twins which were the first to arrive this spring. Jada's is Rosie and Gracie's is Nice. Gracie is super excited to go see them.

These are pictures from Gracie's first Halloween. You saw some of these in her Halloween mini album, but I wanted a page to put in her book, too. These were some of my favourites. Since I completely missed Gracie's second Halloween,  due to a nasty flu, I have some making up to do, next year.

Gracie giving her new cousin, William a kiss. 

 Visiting the Science Centre with friends, Jacqueline, Jacob and Felicity. What a fun trip! 
This paper from Cosmo Cricket was perfect for my layout!

And, Gracie's favourite part of West Edmonton Mall, the Sea Lions! This was her first time seeing them and she loved it. She clapped for them and kept looking back at us with this look on her face like, "Can you believe this?"

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