Saturday, July 28, 2012

Zoo Trip

A few weeks ago, we visited Brad's sister in Calgary and visited the zoo with her, her daughter, and Brad's parents (who go by GG and Grand Dad, now). We had so much fun. I love the Calgary Zoo.

 Checking out the penguins:

And the giant, penguin statue:


Gracie loved the phones that you could listen to. I'm not sure if she understood the animal facts, but she liked the fact that someone talked to her when she picked up the phone.

See the hippo in the water??

Checking out the gorillas with Grand Dad:

 Barely contained by strollers:

Cousin Paige:

Check out these elephants!

And these ones!!

 Checking things out with GG:

And enjoying the rides at the park

  and the kid's train

and the merry-go-round!!

Paige picked a flamingo for her first ride.

That's a sea turtle, she's riding!

and now a hippo:

and a frog!

Paige picked a gorilla for this ride!

We had a great trip and a fun morning at the zoo!

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