Monday, April 10, 2006

Can't Resist

Nobody can resist learning a new scrapbooking technique; especially when it's a relatively inexpensive, easy-to-learn technique that you can use everywhere.

Resist ink can add a unique element to your scrapbook projects.

If you don't know what resist ink is, put simply, it's anti-ink.


Don't be. It's really simple.

You used something similar to resist ink when you were younger, decorating Easter eggs.

First, you draw on the egg with a crayon or some kind of wax, and then dip it into the dye. Everywhere around your drawing would be dyed, but the ink wouldn't stick to the wax.

Resist ink is basically the wax.

If you were to stamp a design on your page with resist ink, and then blot around it with dye, you'd be left with a white outline of the stamp.

While resist ink is great for stamping, you can still use crayons or wax to create the same look.

Try writing your page title with a crayon and then blot an ink pad over your writing. Your title will pop out like a secret message.

You can use this technique almost anywhere. Create embellishments, highlight your doodling, or make your journaling stand out with these resist techniques.

Bonus Tip: If you want to design your own paper, simply crumple a piece of wax paper and then press it between two glossy cardstock pages (glossy side facing in). Iron the paper sandwich and then remove the wax paper and ink both pieces of cardstock. The papers will be marbled and appear texturized.

Easy as pie.

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