Friday, April 07, 2006

Fun with Titles

The best attention-getting technique in scrapbooking is a great title.

This is your chance to grab people and draw them in to your scrapbook.

Why not lure your audience in with a few juicy words about your memories.

Here are a few ideas you can use to mix it up when you're designing titles, and keep in mind, the best titles make use of more than one technique.

• use die-cut letters
• throw in some tiny alphabet stickers
• heat emboss your title to make it 3-D
• print it out in a unique font on your computer
• use your own handwriting
• use stencils
• use the negative left over from a die-cut letter
• emboss it with a stylus

There are so many options and the best part is the more creative you get with your titles, the better the outcome.

Grab a scrap piece of paper and design your title keeping in mind the room you have available and the colour scheme you'd like to use.

Once you like your design, make it happen.

Let your creativity inspire you and you'll love the finished project.

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