Saturday, April 29, 2006

Fun with Chipboard

Chipboard is a great new versatile element that you can add to scrapbook pages.

A while ago, I got some chipboard with sayings on them which worked great on some of my layouts, but others didn't work. The colour was wrong, the words weren't right, or something just didn't fit.

Since then, they've come out with blank chipboard embellishments that you can make to fit any layout.

I love the undressed chipboard letters that I just got. They're big enough to use as a main element on your page and come just plain (or undressed) so that I can stamp on them, cover them in paper, paint them, or bedazzle them if I really wanted to.

You can use them in your house to spell out words like Welcome or Spring or any word that you may want to decorate your walls with or you can use them in your scrapbooks, on cards, or calendars.

Your sold, right??

Just wondering where you can get these amazing new embellishments?

Well, chipboard alphabets and diecuts are sold at most scrapbooking or craft stores, but you can also make your own designs, once you've got the right tools.

If you click on this article's title, you'll be forwarded to a site that gives detailed instructions on making your own chipboard alphabets.

Here are a few ideas on where to get chipboard, quoted from so you can make your own embellishments:

"Many scrapbook stores have sheets of chipboard that they will give away for free. Packs of paper are often sold with chipboard to keep the paper free from damage, so many stores often have extra sheets that they just discard. Simply ask, and you may find yourself with a pile of free chipboard.

If youÂ’re looking for small pieces, many companies now sell small chipboard shapes. Bazzill Basics, Heidi Swapp, Lil Davis Designs and Making Memories all carry various sizes, shapes and designs of chipboard embellishments.

Most people probably have chipboard at home and donÂ’t realize it. Most any notepad has chipboard for the back cover. The back cover of spiral-bound notebooks are essentially chipboard as well.

If you still canÂ’t find chipboard locally, try searching online at,, or"

They're very versatile and fun; adding dimension and festivity to any craft I undertake.

I would highrecommendend playing with some chipboard. It's inexpensive, fun, and easy.

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