Friday, April 21, 2006

Fun with slide mounts

Thought you finished with science projects in high school?

Think again.

Scrapbooking is taking a page from your old textbooks and turning it into a craft project.

Slide mounts are appearing in more and more scrapbooks and are catching more eyes than they would under a microscope.

A great way to accentuate the focal point of a picture, slide mounts can also be used to make 3-D embellishments, or to frame journaling or stickers.

These handy little frames highlight aspects of your layout that may otherwise slide by unnoticed and they're nice and thin, so they don't add a lot of bulk to your scrapbook.

They can be inked, stamped, painted, distressed or covered in paper or ribbon to match any layout so don't worry about them matching your layout, you can make them match.

Slide mounts don't have to be used sparingly. Use one or ten on any given page and see what kind of look you like.

Pick out your favourite elements of a photo and make sure everyone sees them the way you do with these handy little frames.

Maybe you want to cut up a few baby pictures to showcase cute fingers, toes, eyes, and ears?

Use the slide mounts to frame a few of your favourite things. Have a picture of yourself as the focal point and then have a few framed photos of scrapbooks, favourite candies, friends, etc.

Try your hand at a fun, crafty science project and see if you still feel the same way about science class.

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