Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Using up old Supplies

There's nothing more incriminating for a scrapbooker than a huge stash of supplies.

If you've ever declared, "It's just a hobby, I swear," you know where I'm coming from.

You can't pass your addiction off as a hobby if your house is full of paper, stamps, scissors, stickers, and all the other stuff that scrapbookers love to accumulate.

The best way to thin out your hordings is to do a little spring cleaning.

Get rid of those funky papers you've had forever and that stamp that got stuck years ago, you're never going to use them.

Why not thin out your supplies and make room for all the cool new stuff coming out daily?

A great idea to get rid of some of your unwanted supplies is to hold a scrap n' swap. It's just like a rummage sale held for you and your fellow scrappers.

Scrapbooking is very personal. While you may favour browns and greens, someone else loves the look of pastels. Why not trade so you can both go home with new supplies? You never know which one of your friends may find your discards a treasure.

Another idea for old supplies is to sell them on eBay.

You can buy anything online now, why not add your discards to the melting pot? They're cluttering up your precious scrapping space, so get rid of them and make some money.

If this sounds like too much hassle, and you're the kind of spring cleaner who just wants to get rid of their discards and be done with it, why not donate your supplies to a school, church, after school program, or a shelter that offers classes for kids?

Make your discards disappear and come home feeling warm and fuzzy. What a great way to help out in your community.

These are just a few ideas for all of you thinking of cleaning up your supplies and making those incriminating piles shrink.

Spring cleaning will help organize your workspace and reduce clutter saving you time and energy so you can enjoy your 'hobby'.

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