Friday, October 19, 2007

Canada's Scrapbooking Crop for the Kids

What a great weekend!!

Sorry it took so long to post about it, but I spent the weekend in Edmonton with my mom at Canada's Scrapbooking Crop for the Kids, and what a great event!

We had so much fun running loose all over West Edmonton Mall meeting great people, learning new things, and enjoying the atmosphere (and all for a great cause).

To start it all off, kudos to Trisha Ladouceur, who organized it all, great job!! There were thousands of volunteers, I swear. And the best instructors, who I must tell you all about.

Our Saturday morning started off with a Family Calendar class taught by the amazing Leica Forrest (pronounced Lisa). What a riot! She is so funny and open and lively, it was great to start out the morning with her and the calendars look amazing. I'll post pictures of all the great projects we did this weekend soon, I promise, but in the mean time, here's a photo of Leica, my mom and myself (unfortunately, it's blurry). A Saskatoon girl, gotta love that! Check out her blog for more great tips and cool layouts here.

And she even arranged for us to go bowling after the class!!

My mom and I both nearly had a bowling related injury as we rolled down the alley after the ball, those suckers are heavier than I remembered!!

Our next class was on the Ship in West Ed, that's right, the actual ship! How cool is that! The best part of being on the ship is the ultra talented and beyond nice, Ronee Parsons, a 2007 Memory Makers Master. She taught us how to make a neat little mini album that my mom and I decided to use as a journal/birthday reminder book. I can't wait to start journaling.

Here's a pic of me with Ronee, who found out while in Edmonton that her first book just went on pre-sale at Amazon. How exciting. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy! Check out her blog which includes a link to her book here.

My wonderful mom on the ship. I'm so glad we went together. She's first and foremost a quilter, and does amazing things with material, but I corrupted her and now her quilting room has a scrapbooking corner. What a great way to spend some time together.

Next, we had a class with Michelle Van Etten, who taught us how to make the coolest recipe boxes. She is so full of energy and fun, she made the fast-paced class really enjoyable. This crazy lady was heading off to Germany the day after this conference to teach some more classes. What a jet-setter!

Again, Michelle with us and her recipe box.

Next (I told you we were busy) we had a great Family Accordian Album with Lance Anderson from Rusty Pickle. He was really funny and so excited because he got to see an Oilers game the night before "right on the glass." He had all kinds of stories to tell about scrapbooking courses and how his company saved his butt when he forgot his wife's birthday and just ran outside and grabbed stuff to make a card for her. How handy is that?

Here's a pic of him and I.

Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture of our last instructor, Jayme Loge, from Scrapbooking Fanatics, but she taught an excellent class called Freestyle Envelope Album. She was really funny and encouraged us to throw away the trimmers and just explore our creativity. It was a great class and I love my little envelope album, a great Xmas gift idea....

Well, that's probably enough talking for now. I'll post more pictures of the products later.

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